SOLSTEO designs, manufactures, installs and validates complete EO sterilisation systems.

We supply standalone EO sterilisers, and deliver turn-key projects including:

  • Pre-conditioning rooms
  • EO sterilisation chambers
  • Automatic loading and/or unloading conveyors
  • Aeration rooms
  • Air Purification Systems (Acid scrubbers or catalytic oxidisers)

EO Sterilisers

SOLSTEO mostly design and supplies EO sterilisers according to Customer’s specific requirements.but we also can manufacture according to our own specifications. Our chamber capacities range from 1 pallet to 32 pallets.

Gas treatement systems are adapted to sterilisation chamber sizes. Clear and comprehensive Qualification Documents (incl. FAT, IQ, OQ, Software validation, ATEX certificates…) are an integral part of our supply.

SOLSTEO uses a flexible automation control, that can accommodate a wide range of features to improve sterilisation process. Below are a few examples of cycle optimisation proposed by SOLSTEO:

EO steriliser / stérilisateur OE
In-chamber dynamic conditioning
In-chamber dynamic aeration
Parametric release to reduce Time To Market
Pressure Rate Control (for sensitive products)
Vacuum or pressure cycle processes

Air Purification Systems (APS)

APS solutions are adapted to the volume of air flow requiring treatment, and its OE concentration (sterilisation chamber volume, aeration rooms etc). A number of technologies can to reduce EO release in the atmosphere.

SOLSTEO designs and manufactures 2 types of equipment:

Scrubber Scrubbers:

Simple and cost effective solution with good efficiency. Scrubbers are very safe and have low operating costs. They however have limited performances when treating low EO concentrations in high air flows (e.g. exhaust degassing chambers).

Scrubber Technical brief
Catalytic Oxidiser / Catalyseur Catalytic oxidisers:

This is the most efficient technology. Catalytic oxidisers are used by Customers implementing “green industrial practices” or must be installed in countries implementing stringent air pollution control regulation. Catalytic oxidisers can treat all air flows, including vacuum pumps of several sterilisers and multiple degassing rooms. It is a very safe technology, very efficient, and the energy consumption can be optimized with a gas inlet heat exchanger.

Catalytic oxidiser Technical brief

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