a team of experts

separateur Solsteo

  • Design-engineering and manufacturing experience of ethylene oxide sterilizers since early 2000s
  • Smart combination and balance of passionate, experienced managers and a young engineering team
  • Priority to technical profiles: engineers, programmers, technicians
  • Strong customer orientated company culture

Our 3 core values: Commitment, Accuracy, Confidentiality



separateur Solsteo
  • "We are very glad with our experience with SOLSTEO. Our contract was performed on time and without any problem in the middle of the holiday period so that volume production could restart immediately after the end of holidays. In spite of the very tight schedule SOLSTEO team has met all challenges and completed the contract with success."
    BASTOS VIEGAS, Portugal
  • "Nous avons intégré un stérilisateur OE de fabrication SOLSTEO dans notre usine en 2016. Le professionnalisme de l'équipe SOLSTEO, leur connaissance du procédé de stérilisation OE, leur réactivité (maintenance sur place et interventions à distance), les conseils et le savoir-faire ont largement contribué à faire de notre projet un réel succès. Nous sommes très fiers d'avoir sur notre site une technologie de pointe aussi fiable." 
  • "Now that our new ETO chamber is in place, let me share my experience of the last working year with the Solsteo Team. Skillful, honest and very available to give all the support that a new company may need to do a proper and efficient installation."
    FAPOMED, Portugal
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