We’re very proud to present our latest ethylene oxyde sterilizer! It took more than 2600 hours to design and engineer Euclide.

It just passed its final tests and will be shipped and ready to use at our European client’s facility in early 2021. Jean-Baptiste Bonnet, Technical Director, tells you all about it in this video.

With its 24-pallets capacity, Euclide really stands out in terms of processing capabilities. Its Unicycle mode integrates pre-conditioning, sterilization and aeration in one cycle only, reducing EO exposure risks, and making it easier to operate. In addition 100% of its effluents are captured and go through its triple-stage scrubber, that was specifically designed for this sterilizer.

As always with SOLSTEO’s projects, Euclide was co-built with our client, to make sure it fits their exact requirements and our own. Entirely built in France in our long-time partner S2C’s facility, it was tailor-made by demanding and highly experienced professionals. We offer a 15-year guarantee and a comprehensive maintenance solution, with 2 guiding principles: Safety and Reliability.