As part of our ongoing “One Step Ahead” company motto, we are proud to announce we are partnering up with Picarro, a leading provider of solutions in the field of gas emissions measurement.

Their latest Ethylene Oxyde analyser, a portable device capable of real-time, ppt-level monitoring, marks a giant leap in EO detection technology. It’s a versatile device that has many applications, from compliance to regulations, worker safety, environmental responsibility to maintenance process optimisation.

As part of the agreement, and thanks to our hands-on knowledge of EO sterilizers, we’ll provide buyers a full range of services related to Picarro’s EO analysers: training, sales and support, effectively becoming a one-stop-shop for any European customer who – just like us – take their EO emissions seriously. Measuring them accurately is indeed the first step in reducing them.

We also acquired one for the company, as we plan to put our own sterilizers to the test. It will also allow us to provide on-site consulting services to any EO sterilizer user who needs accurate measurement. We are proud to contribute to a safer, more responsible EO sterilization future!

Watch Ruthger van Zwieten, Director, Sales at Picarro, discussing this partnership with Jean-Baptiste Bonnet, Technical Director at SOLSTEO. And reach out if you want to know more: