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Květen 2021
Jean-Baptiste Bonnet

Angličtina – 4 questions to Jean Baptiste Bonnet

Today, we’d like to spotlight one our founders, Jean Baptiste Bonnet. We asked him a few questions to get a clearer understanding of where the idea for SOLSTEO originally came from, who’s behind this company, and where SOLSTEO fits into its market. 1. Jean-Baptiste Bonnet, you’re one of the founders […]
Únor 2021

Angličtina: Devicemed publication

  The latest issue of Devicemed includes a focus on sterilization of medical devices. SOLSTEO was asked to contribute as experts in EO sterilization. We answered their questions focusing on safety, from the design of our machines to on-site use.


separateur Solsteo
Leden 2022

Angličtina – SOLSTEO presents its Tech Talk on BPR part 1 of 3

SOLSTEO hosted a tech talk on the upcoming European Biocidal Products Regulation, which is bound to impact EO sterilization users, during MEDICA 2021 in Düsseldorf.
Leden 2020


27-30 January 2020